Understand what instrumental English is

Being bilingual is one of the essential requirements for securing a job in a multinational company. However, only English used for casual conversation is not enough to perform specific and targeted professional tasks, since the language itself is used in everyday business, with all the terms and expressions specific to a business branch, -mails, conference calls, contracts, among others requires a more in-depth study of the language.

What is English instrumental?

They are intended to instruct and guide professionals in the study of Business English. Initially it was known as English for Specific Purposes or ESP, and it is nothing more than studies of English for Specific Purposes, using techniques that consist of fast, directive, assimilative, sensory and accurate learning of the foreign language with a defined professional purpose.

What is instrumental English for?

A few years ago professional English was more focused on reading and writing than on speaking. Nowadays this does not exist, since the availability of so many different speech technologies that help control our daily time, allowing quicker and more agile results, just understanding foreign books and articles is not enough. Instrumental English is much sought after by professionals who seek to improve their knowledge in areas such as medicine, law, information technology, tourism, administration, finance and others.

Instrumental English is also used for people who study for public examinations, entrance examinations, theses or proficiency tests aimed at a master’s or doctorate degree, as well as students who seek to participate in projects abroad.

The main topics of a fundamental English course cover fundamental points of structure and interpretation of text. Therefore, reading techniques, combined with grammar studies and specific vocabulary of the studied area are widely used in these classes.

We recommend that you clearly define your needs and priorities so that the course is really beneficial and challenging!
For more details see our Business English course and embark on this challenge!

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